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Alphabet Sports Collective creates a safe and inclusive environment in hockey for folks of all sexual identities and gender expressions through education, community building, and mobilization.


We are creating a thriving Queer community in hockey, one shift at a time.


We are an organization that works towards creating a safe space for vulnerable communities. By empowering our board, staff, and community, we work towards creating a hockey culture that is inclusive, equitable, and free of fear.


We respect the experiences and knowledge everyone in our community brings and treat each other with compassion and understanding.

Integrity and Transparency

We center the needs of our communities by being transparent, setting clear expectations about our goals, and being receptive to feedback.


We work towards fostering solid communities by collaborating with partners across the sport and working towards solutions together.


We believe everyone deserves access to the resources and support our organization provides. We work to accommodate the needs of our members to the best of our ability.


We are accountable and committed to evolving our understanding, language, actions and programming as social values evolve. We will design and advocate for all accordingly.

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