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Ice Hockey



Our educational programming is focused on both members of the 2SLGTBQI+ community and the hockey community at large. Incorporating the idea of “meeting people where they’re at” this programming aims to involve those who want to learn but don’t know where to start, and those interested in getting more involved in the community.

The first major public event for the organization, the ASC Speaker Series will be a week-long online summit held in Early 2023 (Date TBD). This free event will host several panels focusing specifically on 2SLGBTQI+ issues within the sport. In the spirit of our goal to “meet people where they’re at” we will be offering a range of topics for members of the community and allies. Whether someone is just beginning their journey to understanding the issues within our community, or if they’ve been involved for a while, there will be something for everyone.


Tentative topics include:

  • Keynote panel featuring out trailblazers in the sport  

  • What does a safe locker room look like? for Parents and Coaches

  • Queer History of Hockey

  • Accessibility

  • Know your rights

  • 2SLGBTQ+ Issues 101 for Hockey Players (Youth Programming)  

  • What is Allyship


Our community based programming is built on the principle that we are stronger together. Programming in this category is focused on creating a space where stakeholders in hockey can meet other people to form their own communities with. Our goal is to foster a model of hockey culture worth embracing. We seek to create spaces that are free of any forms of bigotry or violence to allow members of our community to develop their interests in a safe environment.


The internet has played a crucial role in the development of hockey fandom. Teenagers and young adults around the world connect and bond over the sport in places like Twitter and Reddit. For many -particularly young queer and BIPOC fans - spaces like these are their only outlets to discuss their interests and experiences in the sport. Keeping that mind, in our first year we are focused on creating digital spaces that are accessible from any part of the world.


In order to give our community a voice in all of our efforts, ASC is built on a hybrid membership model. Members will have an opportunity to help define our programming efforts and the direction of the organization. They will also have first access to our educational and community programming as well as member-exclusive events like our discord community events. Membership will be free to all applicants. This program is expected to launch in early 2023.


Discord - a VoIP and Instant Messaging platform - has been increasingly popular amongst teenagers and young adults. Its capacity for chats, streaming and file sharing makes it an ideal place to congregate virtually. ASC will manage a server account where members can connect in a monitored space safe from harassment. Through Discord we will also offer events like Q+A's with players, A Hockey 101 Series, contests, and the opportunity to stream games with live commentary from people in the game. These events will be free and open to all ASC members. This program will launch February 2023.




ASC recognizes the many barriers that exist in hockey culture that challenge the concept of progress. Working towards change in hockey is not and cannot be a solitary endeavor. As an organization, we aim to create all our programming through a lens of inclusion and respect for our communities and their experiences. In our second year, we aim to begin establishing partnerships with other organizations in hockey - and beyond- to assess the impact of our work and possible improvements.


Our biggest focus for year two will be the expansion of our educational programming. We will begin the development of educational materials focused on 2SLGTBQ+ topics for stakeholders in the sport. The scope of these materials will range from an introductory level (e.g. What does 2SLGTBQ+ stand for?) to more complex topics (e.g. Gender and Sexuality in Hockey) to ensure that everyone who wants to learn has access and the opportunity for continual education. Additionally, we will be forming an Associate Board to foster the development of future board members from marginalized communities.


The organization also aims to begin its first strategic planning session with the help of external consultants and community support. This strategic plan will lay out organizational goals beginning in Year 3. Some of the ideas we seek to explore include: 

  • Creating a hub for Queer Hockey Leagues 

  • The Shiftmakers Initiative - A program focused 2SLGBTQ+ members who seek to become active participants in their hockey communities. Through mentorship and training opportunities, ASC will help empower and prepare individuals to coach games, sit on boards or lead organizations. 

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